Hypnosis is a powerful tool that helps an individual better understand their own behaviors, limiting beliefs & perception.
Hypnotherapy works as a motivating force for client vocational/avocational self-improvement.

From movies, television and stage shows, people often get the idea that when in hypnosis, it’s being under someone else’s control, or that someone else has power over the individual under hypnosis. This is far from the truth! 
In hypnotherapy, the client has to want to be hypnotized and allows the state to take place.

Hypnosis takes place when both the conscious-mind and subconscious-mind come together. It’s not being asleep, nor is it being in a state of wakefulness. It’s that somewhere in-between twilight experience.  A heightened state of awareness. 

An altered plane of consciousness. When in state, an individual can open their eyes and stop the session, or leave the clinic at any time, should they choose to. However, that has never happened in my experience. The individual feels relaxed and aware of all thoughts/sounds around them, yet, remaining detached from those sounds & thoughts.

In an integrated therapeutic approach, hypnotherapy has proven to be very beneficial for a variety of health and psychological issues under the auspices of a medical doctor or other related licensed professional for health and psychological issues.