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We all have the innate ability to manifest what we want. We derail ourselves by fearing what we don’t want.

By adding fuel to the flame of FEAR, we give fear a higher vibration which, brings us more of the same.

Learn to ask for your best life and expect it. Without question. It’s yours. 

The subconscious-mind is considered the source of our behaviors, emotions, attitudes and motivations. 
Hypnosis is a powerful tool for accessing the subconscious- mind and creating dramatic improvements in the quality of our lives. 
Unleash your innate ability to live in perfect harmony with yourself & to your greater potential.


“We Carry Inside Us The Wonders We Seek Outside Us” - Rumi

Rumi, a 13th century poet, scholar and Sufi mystic, got it right! 

We carry within the potential of great love, joy, prosperity, success… the list goes on. We’ve forgotten how to tap in to it!
As humans, we’ve lost our way into seeking ‘instant gratification’. The world as we know it today is flooded with advertisements, promises of grandeur, comparisons with those who have more…on, and on, and on.
Stop comparing. That’s what stops you from going the distance.
Start seeking what feels true to YOU. Learn how to stay the course. The body, the mind knows how to heal. Allow it to be.
Seek out that which drives you, and do it over, & over. 

Practice the art of silence & listen to that inner voice that doesn’t use words.

Stop beating yourself up & just get to it.
 Move on up.
Challenge your mind. Heal yourself.


Change begins with you
Make a powerful choice

Questions on whether hypnotherapy is effective? Here are the results of a comparative study reported by the American Health Magazine.
Success rates for:

Psychoanalysis – 38% over 600 sessions

Behavioral Therapy – 72% over 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy – 93% over 6 sessions

(Source: Study by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD – ” Toward Understanding the Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy: A Combined Clinical, Theoretical and Experimental Approach”, UCLA)

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