The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind deals with everyday living. It holds all our reasoning, analytical thinking, decision making processes, logic and will power. It comes up with ideas and is excellent in making plans. When too much stress is present, the conscious mind can become overloaded.

While in the state of hypnosis, the conscious mind is calm and relaxed, however always present and aware.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the source of all known associations, all memory.

Without judgment, the subconscious literally accepts all our background messages; genetic, social, religious, life experiences, whether positive or negative. The subconscious works from expectation and imagination and it does not register the difference between fact and fantasy.

If the conscious mind does become overloaded, the more primitive area of the subconscious-mind becomes triggered for fight or flight. Today, fight/flight is experienced more in the form of anxiety or depression.